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In the News Apple and Linux are engaged in battle a battle to win over disgruntled Windows users. But who will win, and what will the consequences be for the loser? The most commonly held belief amongst Apple and Linux fanboys is that both factions are engaged in some kind of a war with Microsoft. The truth is that if you look at the market share figure for Windows, Mac and Linux, both Mac OS and all the Linux distros that have ever been released are dwarfed by Windows.
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over all, that is what i'm saying. People will often try to arm themselves with knowledge before they buy something. But lets face it, when it comes to software, average joe doesn't get it.

Most people who walk into a store to buy a computer want the salesmen/saleswoman to make the decision for them because they don't feel informed enough to make a decision. The same is true for other goods!

Techies I believe are inherently more likely to look into the technical merits of anything they buy. Don't assume other people behave like that! I research the hell out of everything a buy but when a buy a suit (for example) I find myself looking to the salesperson to help me reach a decision! ;)

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