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Windows "All promised features were cut from Vista." This is a commonly heard complaint about Windows Vista on the internet. While there certainly is a lot to complain about when it comes to Windows Vista, the mythical 'cancelled features' certainly is not one of them. Let me explain why.
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RE[6]: Missing the Point
by Brunis on Mon 17th Dec 2007 17:27 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Missing the Point"
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99% of the people who bitch about vista the most are actually linux or mac users.

That's quite a statement. But it's not true for me. I've been so (un)lucky my work place payed and installed a Vista Ultimate on my (work) pc and i have XP at home, so i get to compare every day!

Guess what platform the 99% used to be on? And i'll guess the ones complaining have had (although short) a brush with Vista.

I'm not only a windows basher ;) . I'll be glad to bash Gnome any day.

I'll gladly admit that Windows is a more reliable platform than linux, when it comes to desktop use. But that does not excuse the release of something awful as Vista. And the pricetag associated is just horrific!

If there was any useful day to day software (that was microsoft import/export friendly) i would be running BeOS to this very day. I'm still hopeful the haiku project will gain more ground in the future. I'm still hoping for that Java port to complete and having Google's Summer of Code behind it was definitely refreshing. But this is getting off-topic, so i'll stop now.

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