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Legal Opera, based in Norway, announced Thursday that it had filed an antitrust complaint with the European Commission, alleging that Microsoft is abusing its dominant position by bundling IE with the Windows operating system. Opera also claimed that Microsoft is hindering interoperability by not following accepted open Web standards. Microsoft struck back Friday, indicating that it would not willingly unbundle IE from Windows. "We believe the inclusion of the browser into the operating system benefits consumers, and that consumers and PC manufacturers are already free to choose to use any browsers they wish," a Microsoft representative said. "Internet Explorer has been an integral part of the Windows operating system for over a decade and supports a wide range of Web standards."
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Strip down IE
by Ishan on Tue 18th Dec 2007 08:58 UTC
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I think they should strip down IE to a very simple browser so you can do a search and download whatever browser you like. Problem solved.
But well they won't ever do that cause it'll mean being fair, wich they aren't ;)

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