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Features, Office "Following our policy strategy to publish releases on a regular basis, 2.3.1 is available for download now. Although it is primarily a maintenance release, we recommend users to install the release due to a security fix. Full details of the changes may be found in the Release Notes associated with the release."
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RE[3]: Incremental Updater
by CowMan on Wed 19th Dec 2007 16:02 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Incremental Updater"
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As a Gentoo user, I did compile OpenOffice 2.3.1 a few days ago. It took 3 hours, 42 minutes on a Core 2 Duo, consumed about 3.5gb of disk space, and failed due to some archaic USE flag set on some obscure depedency.

After consulting the forums, adjusting my make file, and running "emerge -e openoffice", my computer is through 562/824 packages and chugging along nicely.

Mockery aside, I did switch to the binary install of Open Office and firefox about a year ago, as neither would compile without "parential guidance" on x86_64. Atleast not back then.

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