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Features, Office "Following our policy strategy to publish releases on a regular basis, 2.3.1 is available for download now. Although it is primarily a maintenance release, we recommend users to install the release due to a security fix. Full details of the changes may be found in the Release Notes associated with the release."
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RE[4]: Slow news day?
by Boldie on Wed 19th Dec 2007 18:30 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Slow news day?"
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I'll do anything to stay away from MS-word, I have tried OO.o, koffice and Scribus.

Scribus is great for small projects. But the magical project size is around 30 pages with loads of graphics. After that Scribus get sluggish and prone to crashes. Same problem on both XP and linux. Not fun if you are on a deadline.

I'll pay loads, hell I'll even sell my own body if it would get me an easy to use document-publisher-thingie.

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