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Google "The software development kit for Google's Linux-based Android mobile phone operating system has been out in the wild for a over a month now, plenty of time for developers to form opinions of the platform and assess the capabilities of the API. The verdict from seasoned mobile software programmers is somewhat mixed; some are even expressing serious frustration."
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Can't be any worse than existing solutions!
by Timmmm on Thu 20th Dec 2007 00:31 UTC
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The iPhone/iPod Touch doesn't currently have an SDK, and I doubt the promised one will be free (or allow unsigned apps which is basically equivalent).

MIDP is the most badly designed platform I've seen. Its biggest flaw is that the file access API doesn't have a seek function making it impossible to access large amounts of data (e.g. maps stored on a memory card). It also has a very unintuitive 'screen' model.

Blackberrys just look stupid. Who wants a tiny tiny elf keyboard?

Haven't tried developing on Symbian phones or anything else but I imagine they are equally annoying. Android really doesn't have to be spectacular to be better than the competition. And allowing third party apps to have equal rights to the built in ones is a pretty enticing prospect!

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