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Google "The software development kit for Google's Linux-based Android mobile phone operating system has been out in the wild for a over a month now, plenty of time for developers to form opinions of the platform and assess the capabilities of the API. The verdict from seasoned mobile software programmers is somewhat mixed; some are even expressing serious frustration."
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It is what it is...
by bbrv on Thu 20th Dec 2007 01:04 UTC
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Android targets ARM, at least initially. It is probably the least expensive, Google-capable-enough processor in the market. Open Handset Alliance member, Texas Instruments has an impressive list of Application Notes for Consumer Electronics, including Reference Designs, Tools, Software, White Papers, as well as comprehensive discussions of design considerations, and so on. It should be a fairly good indication of where Android is going. Certainly, whatever the Android hardware package becomes it will at least be organized as well as that.

And, that is that. Android is a fully integrated software stack that includes an operating system, middleware, a user-friendly interface, and applications, and it will be licensed under a developer-friendly open-source license. Google Search, Ads, and Apps along with new Services (inspired by the $10 million contest) will be the principle value-add. At least fundamentally, everything aside from the applications/services is being defined, organized and *commoditized*. What we will have is a collection of androids that will be hard to differentiate from a hardware-functional perspective. Perhaps, Google will even own/conduct the wireless network. Who needs a mobile phone, a remote control, a PMP, a PVP or even a PSP?! Android at your service!

That said, we appreciate Google. We just moved everything corporate to Gmail this week.

R&B :-)

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