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Internet Explorer "As a team, we've spent the last year heads down working hard on IE8. Last week, we achieved an important milestone that should interest web developers. Internet Explorer 8 now renders the 'Acid2 Face' correctly in IE8 standards mode." Insert freezing and hell joke.
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RE[3]: Firefox?
by mbot on Thu 20th Dec 2007 06:38 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Firefox?"
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If you paid attention to your own screenshots, you'll notice that Safari 3 and Firefox 3 render the Acid 2 test almost identically. Me thinks that the web page itself is broken in some way.

Why not do some thinking? Do you really think that Mozilla and Apple are so stupid that they'd miss this huge flaw? I guess you're just willing to slag the competition whenever you can just so Microsoft doesn't look as bad as it really is. I guess their competitors have low market share becuase they're full of idiots, right?

Linux has it's zealots and so does Apple. But Microsoft has the most delusional zealots of them all. Their history of hindering competition and illegal practices is undeniable, yet they still have their fans. It's amazing, really.

PS: I just checked Opera. Not surprisingly, it renders acid 2 the same way.

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