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FreeBSD There is a new edition of the FreeBSD Foundation newsletter. "The innovation of the past lives on in FreeBSD. From SMP and network scalability to innovations in security APIs and wireless networking, the technology of FreeBSD is making an impact on our world. What future piece of BSD technology will help foster a new public commodity like the Internet? I can't say, but the past shows us that investing in open source OS development and its commercial use pays large dividends. The two testimonials in this newsletter from Isilon and Network Appliance show this process at work."
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trolling or simple ignorance?
by nullpt on Thu 20th Dec 2007 12:26 UTC
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No people on BSD?

On June/2004 netcraft reported 5 MILLION freebsd hostnames and it was growing in a steady fashion.

This is only the internet (Freebsd is also used internaly). This is only freebsd (there are plenty of bsds and bsd based systems out there (more than linux..)). This are only the servers that netcraft can identify as freebsd (yes, many admins like me don't like to give away server specs).

You morons need to read and learn about what you're talking about.


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