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Privacy, Security, Encryption It's the time of year again, folks. "The year 2007 has been an interesting year that brought us improved security with Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard (10.5). But to get some perspective of how many publicly known holes found in these two operating systems, I've compiled all the security flaws in Mac OS X and Windows XP and Vista and placed them side by side. This is significant because it shows a trend that can give us a good estimate for how many flaws we can expect to find in the coming months." Do with it as you please.
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Back in the real world..
by GStepper on Thu 20th Dec 2007 22:22 UTC
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For one macbook hacked (rewarded $10000) how many plain PCs got hacked in the real world for free ???

How long will your windows XP box can survive crusing the internet without third party tools (anti-sypware, anti-virus, real firewall...) ???

I saw the case many times at work, it's a question a minute before your screen is full a pop-up...

Is OS X more secure than windows ??? I don't know and I don't care and the author's article doesn't answer this question, instead it uses numbers to give his point of view some credit.
Sorry but I don't buy.

I use several OSes on a daily basis (mostly UNIX based) and though they all have flaws ( and related patchs, bugfixes) they are stronger (out of the box) than their windows counter parts...

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