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KDE One of the most anticipated presentations at this year's KDE World Summit, better known as aKademy, was Zack Rusin's intriguing 'Beauty and Magic for KDE developers'. Zack is a long-time KDE developer who has recently been hired to work full time at Trolltech. As the developer conference continued, more and more people heard of the amazing visual effects (.avi) that Zack was going to demonstrate. Here is an interview with him.
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RE: he thinks he's the best
by segedunum on Sat 10th Sep 2005 10:59 UTC in reply to "he thinks he's the best"
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This guy talks like he is up himself. would be funny to see him humiliated by a MS programmer

Well having read through some of Zack's code in the past and having used some of his software, I think the chances of that are about the same as pigs growing wings. Zack is the real deal, and that's why he's doing what he's doing at Trolltech these days. If that scares some MS oriented people around here then so much the better.

Besides, if you think he's up himself you might want to talk with a died-in-the-wool MS developer someday. You can't listen to the person for more than a few seconds without running off to the toilet to be sick. That's why I don't read any of their so obviously fake blogs. I'd be ill for several days.

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