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Legal As we say in Dutch, de kogel is door de kerk: Think Secret will cease all activities after reaching a settlement with Apple in a lawsuit Apple had filed against the website. In exchange for closing down Think Secret, Nick DePlume, its owner, will not have to reveal its sources to Apple. The press release on the Think Secret website reads: "Apple and Think Secret have settled their lawsuit, reaching an agreement that results in a positive solution for both sides. As part of the confidential settlement, no sources were revealed and Think Secret will no longer be published." My take: I have respect for the way DePlume protected his sources; very commendable. I have, however, little respect for Apple in this case (I have written, rather controversially, about it before), and it just scares the living daylights out of me that a company can exert this much power over independent websites.
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RE[4]: Timing...
by meianoite on Fri 21st Dec 2007 00:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Timing..."
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Oh boy, I sense a strawman-dash-ad-hominem attack coming...

In case you haven't noticed, contrary to you, possibly, I have a LIFE to run, a job to go to, a social life to manage, a university study to complete, parents to help, a home to maintain and keep clean, an ass and a couch to sit on, tea to drink, a cat to pet, a car to maintain, a party at my place saturday eve to organise, ..., ....

And there we go! Someone praising his amazing social accomplishments, therefore implying the other party has absolutely nothing to do with his life other than choosing some nit to pick.

(Not to mention self-congratulating yourself on not only those "accomplishments", but also on throwing this tantrum we just witnessed on your personal blog. Is this an all-time low or what? Way to go, Tommy Boy!)

Of course, this overwhelming busy life wasn't an impediment to, not only publish this comment, but also to swim in a sea of self-congratulation for being incapable of acting within any level of reason after I called you on your BS -- another glaring evidence that it was indeed BS.

It has never nothing to do with calling someone out on his fantastically low journalistic standards, eh? Just the other day there was a guy here saying something along the lines of "this was really low, even for your standards, Thom".

It's clearly not me against you personally, Tommy Boy; it's your actions. But somehow, since that day when I praised Daniel Eran's prose -- very well written articles -- and you didn't lose a nanosecond attacking him for, I dunno, showing how easy it is to manipulate statistics while saying you could certainly criticise him since you excel at statistics; however, when I pointed to you that you completely misunderstood the statistical variables he was using (which was revenue per installed base) you went mute and never said a word to me again.

How's that for being mature?

And ever since you believe I'm here to piss you off to the nostrils.

How about letting go of the megalomania?

But maybe it's this time of the year, I dunno; almost exactly one year ago Aaron Seigo had this to say about you: "i'd just like to point out to Thom Holwerda that having a website does not make you informed or intelligent."

Different context, naturally -- still related to misrepresenting quotes to justify a flawed point and blowing the smallest thing way out of proportion -- and they even made amends; but seems that an year went by and Thom still haven't changed his stripes.

But then again he's an accomplished, busy, exemplary social human being; how could anyone blame him?

I don't sit behind my computer all day long just to please YOU, I do it to PLEASE MYSELF.

So - many - puns - so - many - jokes - oh - my - God - my - head - hurts - ! - ! - !

I'm sorry for the snappage, other people, but I can't help it. This morning, I emptied the submissions queue by removing those I don't want to publish, and by publishing the remainder (two in this case).

I would love to know what are your standards. I don't remember the exact headlines, but more than a couple did interest me -- one of an interview with Stallman comes to mind.

How about that: you don't empty the queues at your whim, and actually let the other editors take a look at them. Who knows, maybe one of them would have 5 minutes of extra time -- it can't be too hard to come with a 3-liner abstract, or as it is often done, a straight copy and paste of some meaty parts. But then again, how could anyone ever fathom how busy your personal life is?

After clearing the queue, I did a quick round along my favourite few websites, including the Dutch Mac website I visit daily, where I encountered this story. I posted it because not only is it a follow up to an earlier story I wrote, but also because people are clearly interested in this stuff.

So just we're not lost with the red herring here: I'm complaining about the timing and about tacitly ignoring the other submissions, not running this story in the first place. And I'm not even resorting to calling you an idiot because of you assuming so!

I even considered submitting it myself after seeing it very early today on TUAW, but now I'm finding it much more rewarding to see your amazing journalistic standards in action.

There is no conspiracy here, you annoying little Apple fanboy,

If you can't really resist the urge to pigeonhole me, call me a FreeBSD fanboy. At least this has some vague connection with the reality. I'm definitely not uncritical towards anything Apple does -- on the contrary, but it seems that criticism based on actual technical grounds aren't nearly as popular on this forum as complaining about the perspective used on the dock or how Abraham Lincoln might have issues reading the menu text given the wrong background image, or how the system is supposed to be immune against invasive 3rd party hacks that abuse undocumented, unpublished, unendorsed "APIs" (if we can really call them that).

just what I always do: clear the queue, post whatever's worthy,

Risking myself to sound repetitive, I'd love to know what meets your standards.

and then do a round to see what other stuff you readers missed/did not submit. I've had it up to HERE with your nonsense, meianeriogn,

It still puzzles me what makes ME push your buttons this easily, considering I'm not the lone voice calling you on your actions. Not by a wide margin.

just go get a goddamn life instead of annoying me with your pointless little "oh-my-god-Thom-is-anti-apple-and-eats-babies" nancying around. Conspiracy idiot. Go spot black helicopters or get abducted by aliens or something.

Thom, GROW UP. Perhaps what ticks you off is the fact that I actually call you out on your bullshit on a point-by-point basis, instead of sticking to generalities.

Glad I got that off my chest. Sorry to everybody else.

And what a perfect example this is: using this site as your personal blog.

The great irony here is that I liked that blog of yours from the time before you joined OSNews, Thom.

This site is poison.

And, on that note, farewell. I'm off to greener pastures.

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And one spoiled little editor whose feathers were rattled by yours truly.

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