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General Development "Today the Perl Foundation announces the release of Perl 5.10, the first major upgrade to the wildly popular dynamic programming language in over five years. This latest version builds on the successful 5.8.x series by adding powerful new language features and improving the Perl interpreter itself. The Perl development team, called the the Perl Porters, have taken features and inspiration from the ambitious Perl 6 project, as well as from chiefly academic languages and blended them with Perl's pragmatic view to practicality and usefulness."
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Can't wait to use it in production code!
by Juerd on Fri 21st Dec 2007 23:15 UTC
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Personally, I'm waiting until Debian packages perl 5.10 before I use it in production code, but I've started using it for throwaway scripts while it was still called 5.9. And I love it!

Particularly interesting is Perl's approach to the switch statement: a truly dynamic solution that goes much further than equivalence testing. It uses a new mechanism dubbed "smart matching", which also has a binary operator: "~~".

Regex fanatics will love the new recursive patterns, counter resetting group, and numerous optimizations. Shell users will probably very quickly get used to using "perl -E" instead of "perl -e" for their oneliners. perl -E'say "Hello World!"'

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