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Red Hat Matthew Szulik writes: "After almost a decade of leading Red Hat, I have decided to transition my CEO and President role for the personal reasons I have already discussed. It's my privilege to continue serving this great company in the role of Chairman of the Board. Red Hat will be in the capable hands of a world-class executive team under the leadership of Jim Whitehurst as President and CEO."
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RE[2]: Great man
by ThawkTH on Fri 21st Dec 2007 23:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Great man"
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Wow. Just wow.

"409 Scams from Nigerian young criminals" - there goes ALL your credibility.

CentOS being buggy? Wow. Compared to what?

RedHat is a business. Novell is a Business. Businesses cannot, by their nature, care about ANYTHING but profit. Learn this and suddenly they make a LOT more sense.

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