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General Development "Today the Perl Foundation announces the release of Perl 5.10, the first major upgrade to the wildly popular dynamic programming language in over five years. This latest version builds on the successful 5.8.x series by adding powerful new language features and improving the Perl interpreter itself. The Perl development team, called the the Perl Porters, have taken features and inspiration from the ambitious Perl 6 project, as well as from chiefly academic languages and blended them with Perl's pragmatic view to practicality and usefulness."
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Perl 6?
by robinh on Sat 22nd Dec 2007 16:28 UTC
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I remember (many, many moons ago!) hearing wonderful stories about how perl6 (codename parrot) was coming along, and that mere mortals would weep at it's power, speed and beauty. There were even some stories about how the register based Parrot 'VM' could run java code faster than a JVM!

Whatever happened to our supercharged Parrot beauty?

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