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Syllable, AtheOS The Syllable project has published the source code for Syllable Server. The code to build Syllable is maintained in Builder, the build system. There is a main repository of build specifications and overlays for Syllable Desktop and Syllable Server. The code for Server is now completely published in the source repository. A package of Builder (11 MB) for Syllable Server has been released that corresponds to Syllable Server 0.2 with a few fixes. The procedure to build Syllable Server will be the subject of an article in a future Syllable Newsletter.
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syllable desktop
by nulleight on Mon 24th Dec 2007 02:16 UTC
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Why not migrate to linux kernel in the long run. It will solve alot of hardware support/features issuses in the long run. It is also much more responsitive as of 2.6.23, compared to previous versions. The x-windows is utter garbage imho especially if one tries to make a responsitive multithreaded app which handles events and drawing separately. The xcb library is also not a soulution and is not actively developed.

The problem with lots of linux distributions is that they try to reimplement the wheel by using things like hal/dbus/fam when one already has alot of posix stuff with the same functionality already in the kernel ( for example posix message queues instead of dbus or implement fam as a library and not as a daemon which just wastes resident memory ). Anyway, it's an interesting project whatever direction it takes it will be interesting to look at it from time to time.

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