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Syllable, AtheOS The Syllable project has published the source code for Syllable Server. The code to build Syllable is maintained in Builder, the build system. There is a main repository of build specifications and overlays for Syllable Desktop and Syllable Server. The code for Server is now completely published in the source repository. A package of Builder (11 MB) for Syllable Server has been released that corresponds to Syllable Server 0.2 with a few fixes. The procedure to build Syllable Server will be the subject of an article in a future Syllable Newsletter.
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RE: syllable desktop
by nulleight on Tue 25th Dec 2007 16:56 UTC
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Well, i actively developed using xlib and submitted a patch to xcb and an example to mailing list, and the bug still exist and the messages were mostly ignored.
The problem with xcb is that it still interfaces X11 which is a protocol and is serial, but the keyborad/mouse/video adapter are not and are parallely atached to the xserver, so why serialize them when they are not serial. Since most people use X on desktop, it should have beed developed for desktop and the networking stuff could be implemented as an extension.
Noone even uses native X over the network because it's so damn slow. Also when you drag X windows you can sometomes see subwindows jerking because of synchronisation issues.

Also dont give me that about posix queues. You can send a generic Event sturcture which can have a member property, which will make your events typed.
if you are gonna use c++' you can use typeid. which makes even this member property obsolete. The point is that they create absractions for the sake of abstractions.

Also you dont need a daemon to get inotify events. A library where you register callbacks on inotify events would be as good. And it can even be os-independent.

Anyway I speak out of my experience and frustration with some aspects i developed for.

Anyway i think that the syllable on linux is a great idea, partially because the original one doesn't boot on my pc and the current version of linux kernel is respositive enough.

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