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Internet & Networking "The browser that helped kick-start the commercial web is to cease development because of lack of users. Netscape Navigator, now owned by AOL, will no longer be supported after 1 February 2008, the company has said. In the mid-1990s the browser was used by more than 90% of the web population, but numbers have slipped to just 0.6%. In particular, the browser has faced competition from Microsoft's Internet Explorer, which is now used by nearly 80% of all web users."
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RE: Provision for AOL?
by sj87 on Sat 29th Dec 2007 23:32 UTC in reply to "Provision for AOL?"
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Sad to see netscape go after all this time.. still remember my first time using it, light years beyond IE at that point (IE was useless in the 95' days IMO)

So you say it's different now?

My experiences are only from Netscape 4 and 9, the first one was crap (my only real memories are how it was super slow to download files with) and the latter one had nice skins, but it was crap, too. I actually then downloaded the Netscape skin to my Firefox.

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