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BeOS & Derivatives "It looks like the Haiku Webkit port initiated by Ryan Leavengood has entered a productive second stage of development, and thanks to the recent work by one of the new project team members, Andrea 'xeD' Anzani, tangible progress has been made as shown by the recent screenshot showing the HaikuLauncher application rendering I was curious about his work, so I went directly to the source and asked a few questions to Andrea; here are his answers." On a related note, Haiku now has a new nightly build archive.
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how is being different interesting?

From the context, I would assume that smitty meant: many of the aspects which make BeOS / Haiku interesting lie in its differences from other OSes, not that it's different solely for the sake of being different.

It's a subtle distinction, but an important one. I always thought that the "think different" ads were stupid for that exact reason - the type of nonsense that appeals to faux-intellectuals who think that being blindly anti-populist is the same thing as having discerning tastes (while failing to realize the irony that blind contrarianism is just as intellectually-lazy as blind conformity).

That's one particular thing I've always liked about the BeOS community - it's largely free of those sorts of pretentions, at least IME.

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