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FreeBSD FreeBSD 6.3-RC2 has been released. "Sorry for the delay with this phase of the 6.3 release. A few glitches were found during testing of the 6.3-RC2 ISOs that included pre-built packages. The 6.3-RC2 builds for amd64 and i386 should now be available on the majority of the FreeBSD mirror sites. I just finished loading the sparc64 build so that will take a little while to propagate to the mirrors. This is the last planned RC for 6.3. Unless a major show-stopper problem is found the release of 6.3 should happen in about two weeks."
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by tim_mcc on Wed 2nd Jan 2008 18:31 UTC in reply to "So..."
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There's always 'portupgrade -aP' if you want to upgrade all your installed ports in a binary fashion.

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