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BeOS & Derivatives According to a news post on the Haiku project website, a new port team is being formed to bring Java technologies to the Haiku platform. The goal of the Haiku Java Team is to port OpenJDK to Haiku, and they would like to see the port included within the structure of Sun's OpenJDK project. The Haiku developers have already been in contact with members of the OpenJDK Porters Group to pursue their objective, and a formal proposal has also been submitted for consideration by the OpenJDK project. The Haiku Java Team is an initiative lead by Bryan Varner, who together with Andrew Bachmann worked on the port of Java to BeOS in the past (demo video).
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This will be a success
by theuserbl on Fri 4th Jan 2008 20:49 UTC
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I think this will be a success!

At first Be tries to port Java to BeOS. They wanted it with Be together. But Java was closed source, Be died and the code was lost.

Then some of Beunited and Zeta tried together port Java to BeOS and Zeta. But Java was still ClosedSource. They have already successfully run JEdit on Zeta.
But again, Zeta died and BeUnited stops its activity and the already ported code is lost.

Now it is different. OpenJDK is OpenSource. Anybody who want can help to port. And if the current people stoped the porting, every other people can continue the port.

So, I don't know when the port is completly ported, or if it will ever be, but I think it will be more ported then ever of Java to BeOS/Haiku/Zeta.
This time it will be a success!

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