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Multimedia, AV While this might be a bold statement, all things point to this. Blu-Ray was already winning in market share slowly but surely, and today's Warner decision to go BD-only puts the final nails into this HD format war as Warner is the biggest movie distributor. The HD-DVD Group didn't seem to know about Warner's decision and they canceled their CES conference out of the blu tonight, amidst making vague references to possible legal action. My take: I wish Blu-Ray had a region-free policy like HD-DVD does. Living in USA today but one day moving to Europe, it will have an impact in my media library.
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Italy, hd and disks
by Anacardo on Sat 5th Jan 2008 13:09 UTC
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Living in italy gives me an interesting point of view on the subject. In this country owning a highend technology device is still considered a status symbol, so, even if the reasons are less than ideal, HDTV is widespread and 20Mbit ADSL has become the de-facto standard of communication in the whole northern part of the country and given the "extremely flexible" attitude towards law of the general italian public, piracy in this country is considered almost a normal thing. These are the main reasons why BluRay and HDDvd are almost unknown terms in our vocabulary, being replaced by emule and divx. I know it sounds offtopic, but basically no-one in here is going to bet on one format or the other and, I must admit, with good reason. The war of formats, as we percieve it, is definitely played between physical and unphysical media, the two main arguments being High definition VS portability. I'll be honest: with a 20mbit connection, even the highest definition content is just a few hours away, and portability is way too convenient. As an example I'm gonna say that there's more and more people downloading movies they already have on original dvds, just for the sake of having them in a convenient usb hardrive. Therefore my take on the subject is that no matter which format will win, there are very good chances that users might want to opt for portability instead of high definition. Let the majors clearly understand that (or "accept", that is) and we'll see the rapid demise of the physical medium, and the rise of highdef streaming and downloading.

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