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Windows "Windows Vista didn't make a smooth market entrance; in fact, nearly every aspect of the operating system has been attacked since its release on January 30, 2007. Multiple SKUs allegedly confused customers, anti-DRM groups disliked Vista's Protected Video Path and its overall DRM friendliness, and Microsoft's definition of 'Vista Capable' got the company sued. Toss in a plethora of bugs and the usual consumer backlash over GUI changes, and you'd think consumers would be avoiding Vista in droves. According to new information, however, they aren't - Vista's adoption rate over the past year actually exceeded XP's in 2001, and consumers apparently choose Vista over XP by a 7:1 margin."
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somewhat biased...
by jtrapp on Mon 7th Jan 2008 13:33 UTC
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I don't see the response that the above comments would suggest. I personally used the release of Vista as the final straw to finally push me to Linux full time, but I don't think that is typical. People buy a new computer, they get Vista, they get used to it.

I doubt that SP1 is going to fix all of Vista's headaches, but SP2 will probably fix most of them.

People use what they get. If people knew how to install XP, most of them wouldn't even need a new computer....a lot of times the hardware is fine on their old computer, a fresh install would solve their problem(s). So to say that typical users are downgrading is silly (at best).

A lot of the anecdotal evidence presented is business related, of course businesses are holding off, no one expected otherwise--this is a major upgrade.

Microsoft may have fumbled with Vista--if so--there was no one there to recover the ball and Microsoft recovered.

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