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Windows "Windows Vista didn't make a smooth market entrance; in fact, nearly every aspect of the operating system has been attacked since its release on January 30, 2007. Multiple SKUs allegedly confused customers, anti-DRM groups disliked Vista's Protected Video Path and its overall DRM friendliness, and Microsoft's definition of 'Vista Capable' got the company sued. Toss in a plethora of bugs and the usual consumer backlash over GUI changes, and you'd think consumers would be avoiding Vista in droves. According to new information, however, they aren't - Vista's adoption rate over the past year actually exceeded XP's in 2001, and consumers apparently choose Vista over XP by a 7:1 margin."
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RE[2]: Could it be...
by dukeinlondon on Mon 7th Jan 2008 14:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Could it be..."
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I have no idea where you get the idea that Vista is horrible. The file copy issue was a big problem for some but that was fixed ages ago.

Right I find it to be the best consumer OS out there although admittedly I have not used Leopard but I did use Tiger for over a year. I recently overwrote Ubuntu 7.10 with Vista because I couldn't handle how flakey Ubuntu is anymore.

Same thing here. I am a long term linux user (since 2000)and owned a Tiger powerbook for years have made the switch. Opensuse 10.2 is the last version of a major distro that was about ok on my computer. Ubuntu and Mandriva failed as miserably as opensuse 10.3.

So when I bought a laptop, I got a Vista model and although it's a disappointment in terms of innovation(MS is so lacking in vision compared to Apple, it's painful to watch) it does everything I expect, on very nice hardware indeed and looks fine as far as I am concerned. I would never have bought it in its boxed version but pre-installed, it's alright. Yeah, not great, just alright.

Other than Linux's failings (in my case anyway) the main reason for me to go Vista is that it runs all the apps I want it to run, just like I use firefox because it runs all the extensions I need whereas Opera or Explorer don't. I just miss DigiKam but Picasa is fine for now.

I think I'll be back on Linux when kde 4.0 is mature enough and available on something like the Asus eee.

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