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Amiga & AROS "AmigaOS 5 made a covert appearance at an event outside the CES, turning up in the guise of a version of Space Invaders running on a Windows Mobile 6-based phone. Amiga - the company - was ostensibly showing AmigaAnywhere 2, the new version of its virtual machine technology. But taking Amiga President Bill McEwen aside for a moment, we discovered that AmigaAnywhere 2 is AmigaOS 5."
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RE: Amiga Anywhere?
by signals on Tue 8th Jan 2008 16:46 UTC in reply to "Amiga Anywhere?"
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Port OS4 to generic PPC hardware so that all of us with old Macs can enjoy it. Simple.

I still don't understand why they won't do this. Can you even buy an AmigaOne anymore? Is there any hardware, that I can currently buy, that will run Amiga OS4?

Ok, so you tied your OS to the AmigaOne to protect Eyetech, right? How has this helped Amiga? How did the deal with Eyetech help Amiga? Why not port this to semi-standard hardware (how many PPC macs are in the wild?) and prevent your company from being screwed over by your hardware partner? (Not that Amiga was "screwed over" by Eyetech, a case could be made that it was the other way around, too.)

But, by porting to existing hardware that is cheap and commonly available, you might actually be able to SELL it to people. Now, the potential sales base for OS4 is 0, since you can't buy hardware to run it on, even if you want to. (And most people don't.)

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