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General Development The newest version of the popular RPM package manager is now out with improved performance and functionality. But there's a bit of a catch with RPM version 5.0. Linux vendor Red Hat officially considers RPM 5.0 a project fork. "RPM5 is a fork of RPM, and is not related to," Daniel Riek, Product Manager Red Hat Enterprise Linux told "Neither Red Hat or Fedora are involved in RPM5, and have no current plans to use it. Red Hat remains committed to the main releases and development."
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RE: dead?
by Joe User on Thu 10th Jan 2008 01:10 UTC in reply to " dead?"
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I'm not surprised RH boycotts rpm5. Just have a look at its founder's openmindness, Jeff Johnson:
Just read all his replies. You definitely don't want to mix with this kind of negative person.

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