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Windows Gizmodo has been running an interesting series of videos (part I | part II | part III) where they interview Bill Gates. They chopped the interview up into smaller pieces (as in, 2 minutes a pop), but the fourth installment only lasts 16 seconds. Bill Gates does say something very honest and open, though. After Gizmodo asked him what product of the last five years he would've wanted polished a little more, Gates answers: "Ask me after we ship the next version of Windows. Then I'll be more open to give you a blunt answer."
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by Joe User on Thu 10th Jan 2008 22:25 UTC
Joe User
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I like Bill's franchise. He's a nice person, even if Microsoft itself is evil.

Regarding Vista, it had been delayed so much that if they had delayed it a little more, like 6-12 more months, they could have polished it, added the extra features, optimized it for lower-end hardware, etc... The extra delay wouldn't have been a problem for the end-users, but the improvements would have been worth it.

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