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Mono Project "We consider Mono 1.1.9 stable enough to recommend it for all users. Those upgrading from the 1.0.x series should note that these notes only contain the differences between 1.1.8 and 1.1.9."
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RE[3]: Boo Programming Language
by segedunum on Sun 11th Sep 2005 12:50 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Boo Programming Language"
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Boo is a phenomenal language. Dont knock the shit you've never tried.

Feel free to convince yourself that Boo is a phenomenal, innovative and cutting edge(tm) language. I've described why it, and other .Net languages, aren't. Besides, my argument wasn't with Boo per se but with .Net language neutrality and the total rubbish people come out with about it.

What makes you think I've never tried it anyway?

This *really* bugs the shit out of me.

That's not really my problem, is it? Maybe it bugs you because you can't see a way out of it?

The page you linked is to show the syntaxical differents between C# and Boo.

Yer. And?

If you're looking for information on type inferencing, closures, runtime inferencing, splicing and the horde of other features Boo supports that neither C# nor Java support, you'll have to look at more than a page listing syntax differences.

Oh dear. Boo is a .Net/Mono language, right? It compiles to IL, right? The acid test, as I described, as to whether a language actually provides some unique features (stuff that will actually be useful to programmers) is whether you cannot add the same features to C# (or another .Net language) as there is with Boo in no time. You obviously can, and what you've linked to there are a bunch of features which are essentially packed up macros that give you the appearance of writing less code(tm) and type inferencing done in a different but-not-very-interesting way. What is described in there are not features, but simply ways of appearing to write less code vs C#. That does not mean that C# cannot do that though.

Certainly in the real world, the differences are just not worth talking about because whichever way you cut it, when you cut to the chase they are all syntactic differences. Why do you think VB developers are questioning VB.Net and their future these days?

You never know. Microsoft will probably lift some of those ideas that might prove to be useful and bung them in the next version of C#. So tell me - what will Boo provide for people then? You're all deluding yourselves because with .Net, IL the CLR and CLS you're all working on the same language anyway!

Your arguments do not hold water. A common runtime is an advantage.

Yawn. Why are you going off on one about the incredibly wonderful virtues of the CLR (like we haven't heard enough) when that's not really what I'm talking about? Wait, don't bother, I know why.

The VM allows for common optimization across a number of languages

Different languages which I've described to be pointless, because once targetted to the CLR and compiled to IL different languages cease to be different or useful!

Having to build to a common virtual machine is no more problematic than needing to build to a common hardware machine.....

Running a machine within a machine. Wow. Now that seems such a sensible and totally innovative idea. I've no doubt it is useful in some cases, but people seem to have this strange idea that it equates to the inventing of the wheel and is a panacea.

Never has language building been so easy, so accessible to everyone, so integrable, so compliant.

Err, I've just described to you why having different languages targetted to .Net, IL and the CLR are essentially pointless. Why? Because in then end they all compile to the same thing!

You can cut it any way you like and convince yourself that .Net is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but quite frankly, it just isn't terribly interesting in the slightest from a language (read non-C# or especially OO) point of view. They are all just variations on a theme I'm afraid, whatever way you choose to cut it. All they're doing is giving Microsoft ideas to lift and put in their next version - if they're actually of any use - making their own language even more pointless than it already is.

The big thing that irks me is how every other language except the dotnet languages all require their own libraries.

My God, you really are a total twit. Heaven forbid that anyone should even think about not using the .Net framework and libraries and using their own tried and trusted methods (which actually provide people with a different programming language and environment for a particular task)!! Consider that a minus one from me then.

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