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Gentoo Daniel Robbins, original creator of the Gentoo project, offers a solution to fix the recent leadership crisis at Gentoo: "I have received permission from my employer to return and serve as President of the Gentoo Foundation, renew its charter, and then work in some capacity to help to get Gentoo going in the right direction from a legal, community and technical perspective."
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Gentoo needs a real leader
by -APT- on Sat 12th Jan 2008 23:56 UTC
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But I'm not sure if Daniel Robbins returning is the best solution.

There seems to be a lot of hate from a few people within Gentoo, as I'm sure that he doesn't particularly like some of the people involved as well. Robbins rejoining is likely to cause just as many problems as it may solve.

Technically Gentoo doesn't seem to have moved that far, something I thought it was great for. Some of my annoyances for it include:

- Slow package updates. I know that bugs can occur as a result of buggy packages released too early, but many Gentoo developers seem extremely slow at moving packages into stable. You know things are slightly wrong when other distributions stablise things ages before Gentoo does.
- Bastardisation of Gentoo Linux. I really don't care about Gentoo/BSD! Although I've tried Paludis I don't want development time of a package manager to be split by developers with a different agenda. I'd rather Gentoo concentrated on Gentoo Linux instead of trying to do everything including the Gentoo GNU Toaster/Fridge/Oven.
- Lack of improvements to Portage. Things haven't advanced enough. The removal of packages bringing in use flags (eg. installing mysql would add a mysql use flag), this is probably a good idea but nobody has bothered adding default use flags per package!

I still like Gentoo, however it's more of a love-hate relationship these days.

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