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Window Managers A new version of E16 has been released. "Fix rendering issues when using pseudo-transparency; fix translucent moves of non-shaped windows; fix border right click (winops menu) in many themes; fix incorrect tracking of pointer motion when dragging window; fix potential trouble while exiting/restarting; various minor bug fixes and enhancements, see ChangeLog for details." Get it here.
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RE[2]: E17...?
by gilboa on Sun 13th Jan 2008 16:26 UTC in reply to "RE: E17...?"
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... To be honest, it's been a while since I tested a CVS build. Mostly because a CVS build (unlike a pointer release) may or may not work or even build. (... And I have a number of build problems)

... Given the number of components and the complexity of the build sequence, the E team should really consider creating a GARNOME build script. (Again, combined with official point release source tar-balls)

- Gilboa

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