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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Operating systems come with cultures as much as codebases. I was forcibly reminded of this fact over the holidays when several family members and neighbors press-ganged me into troubleshooting their Windows computers. Although none of us had any formal computer training, and I know almost nothing about Windows, I was able to solve problems that baffled the others - not because of any technical brilliance, but because the free software culture in which I spend my days made me better able to cope."
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RE: geeks vs 9-5'ers
by desNotes on Mon 14th Jan 2008 21:23 UTC in reply to "geeks vs 9-5'ers"
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As someone who is over 50 and did not officially become a paid geek until my late 30's I can say that I have observed the "geeks vs. 9-5 'ers" in all professions. There are those people who come in and do their job blindly and there are others who actually take an interest in what they and the company is doing. I realize that working at McDonalds, et al may not be exciting but I guess I have been lucky. My first job with computers was inspecting 40 lb disk drives that held 20 MB and 1/2 inch tape drives for backup.

I haven't always enjoyed my jobs but I always found something there that was at least mildly fascinating. Of course once I became a software developer and a full fledged geek, I am at nirvana.

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