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KDE "I think it's really necessary to respond to some criticism seen on the reactions to the latest OSnews article. I won't go into the article itself, imho it's rather negative, but hey. From an user's perspective, it makes sense to only review 3 or 4 parts of KDE 4 and complain about them, and ignore all the other brilliant pieces of work in there, right? On to the responses, I found this reaction by dagw to be the most typical. Well. That's painful. So, is he right? Did we make the wrong decision? Let's look at it from a broader perspective for a while. Let's see it in the Grand Scheme of Things to Come."
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RE: This Is Ridiculous
by jasutton on Tue 15th Jan 2008 01:51 UTC in reply to "This Is Ridiculous"
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still a lot of work to be done on the user-visible side

First off, head on over to the KDE website. Notice that they are offering KDE 4.0 as the stable version for download. If the user-visible side of it "still [needs] a lot of work" then why are they releasing it as stable?

The major point that Thom has been trying to make is that it makes much more sense to make a "Developer Release" (or something similar) until all the UI elements stabilize.

Imagine if you had never used KDE before, and you decided to install KDE right when version 4.0 came out. Wouldn't you expect a project as well respected as KDE in it's fourth major revision to have a product in which you can make simple configuration changes to the core UI elements (panel, desktop, etc)?

Secondly, you've got a lot of nerve telling Thom what not to put on his site. ;)

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