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Apple Like an anorexic fashion model, Apple's new super-thin MacBook Air has made too many compromises for the sake of being skinny. With such emaciated specs, many are asking: who would buy it?
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I think, once again, that Steve Jobs has set this incredible mark for which he will undoubtably expect others to follow. I think the laptop has some great technological features and does break all barriers in style - but at what cost?

- Anemic Processor
- Anemic memory upgrades (compared to current MacBook)
- small/slow hard drive
- no Ethernet (not just a drop to 10/100, but totally gone)
- no hard drive

I do like the:
- The style and look
- the LED screen
- the large touch pad
- the metal case and backlit keyboard

But let's be honest here - I am writing this on a MacBook from last Spring - 2.0 GHz system, 2 GB of RAM, Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n and Superdrive. hmmmm.

Now - I think what he [Steve Jobs] has done will raise the bar for other makers, but I suspect their entries will address what a lot of us think are the deficiencies in this laptop.

Maybe a MacBook Pro 17" at 3/4 inch thick and 4 lbs...

My disclaimer about this - I have not seen it in person and will be making my way to S.F. tomorrow to view it in person and get an idea of what it is about - who knows - seeing it in person might be pretty cool.

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