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Apple Like an anorexic fashion model, Apple's new super-thin MacBook Air has made too many compromises for the sake of being skinny. With such emaciated specs, many are asking: who would buy it?
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Hard drive
by Gorgak on Wed 16th Jan 2008 13:32 UTC
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Is it just me who read the sentence "80GB iPod hard drive being used as a system drive" and thought that you were supposed to use an external iPod for storage?

In retrospect I feel kind of stupid - of /course/ they can't expect people to accept having to use and iPod together with the computer - but I suppose I was sufficiently startled by the small size of the thing that I was ready to believe pretty much anything. ;-)

Besides, "how can Apple really expect people to fit their iTunes library, digital videos and so on onto 80GB?" doesn't make a lot of sense - I'm perfectly happy with 80GB in my Macbook.

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