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Legal The European Commission is launching two new anti-competition investigations against US computer giant Microsoft. The first will look at whether Microsoft unfairly ties its Explorer internet browser to its Windows operating system. In the parallel investigation, the Commission will look at the interoperability of Microsoft software with rival products. Note: Remember the OSNews comic? Here is a new comic, which, for now, is attached to the story it relates to. We are working on a separate section for the comic, but until that is done, I will sporadically publish comics this way. I have a whole stack of comics ready for when that section goes live - and you can see the name for the comic too, if you look "closely". Enjoy the new comic, titled "Hawaii".
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RE: Sad really...
by phoudoin on Wed 16th Jan 2008 16:36 UTC in reply to "Sad really..."
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I am not against freedom, I am against dictatorship and they are forcing American companies to be submissive to their will so that EU companies can have a chance to compete.

EU market. EU market's rules.
American companies are free to ignore EU market.
Microsoft included.

Nobody is forcing Microsoft to sell their products in EU market. But if they want to do it, Microsoft have no other choice than follow EU market rules.


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