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Morphos A video of MorphOS 2.0 booting on a Mac Mini [.mpeg] (PPC, of course) has appeared, indicating that MorphOS 2.0 might support Apple's Mac Mini. MorphOS developer Harry Sintonen says: "The port is real and 'official'. However, it is unlikely that any Mac version would make it to the first MOS 2.0 batch: Pegasos I, Pegasos II, and Efika come first. This Mac port is not ready either, so hold your horses."
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Hobby OSes
by Clinton on Wed 16th Jan 2008 19:37 UTC
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Don't get me wrong. I love hobby OSes and have been running one particular hobby OS for about 14 years. However, I think a hobby OS should provide an improvement over the OS you are replacing.

For example, back in 1994, when I first installed Linux, it was far superior to DOS/Windows 3.1 and let me do things with my machine that the Microsoft combo couldn't. The same has stayed pretty much true ever since (except for in the game arena, but I'm not into that much).

In my opinion, for MorphOS to be useful to me on my G4 Mac Mini, it would have to offer something that I couldn't get in Leopard, or it would have to do what Leopard does better. I wish the Morph guys all the luck in the world and hope they come to that point eventually.

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