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Morphos A video of MorphOS 2.0 booting on a Mac Mini [.mpeg] (PPC, of course) has appeared, indicating that MorphOS 2.0 might support Apple's Mac Mini. MorphOS developer Harry Sintonen says: "The port is real and 'official'. However, it is unlikely that any Mac version would make it to the first MOS 2.0 batch: Pegasos I, Pegasos II, and Efika come first. This Mac port is not ready either, so hold your horses."
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RE: Hobby OSes
by -ujb- on Thu 17th Jan 2008 13:14 UTC in reply to "Hobby OSes"
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@ Clinton

It is not meant to replace OS X on the Mac Minis owned by satisfied OS X users, but to provide MorhphOS users a broader hardware base.
Mac Minis are wider spread than Pegasos computers.
MorphOS does not offer multi user management, it doesn't offer memory protection either, but it offers speed, a logic structure and fun to use. I use it daily and love it while I am aware of Windows, Linux, OS X and such (I am not only aware of these system I also have them available). But I have my reasons to prefer MorphOS.

You may not share my reasons and call me insane, but I am not the only one who prefers MorphOS/AmigaOS for his/her reasons.
It is about freedom of choice.

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