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KDE "The long-awaited KDE 4.0.0 was released last week as scheduled. Even though the expectations - following a couple of less than convincing release candidates - weren't very high and the consensus was that the first release of KDE 4 would be more of a 'technology preview' than a usable desktop environment for general deployment, it's hard not to see the enormous amount of good work that has gone into the new code. As Kubuntu's Jonathan Riddell put it, KDE 4 is the start of something amazing and this is possibly the best definition of the current release - it's here, it's available, but it's nowhere near ready for the prime time. It's a decent start, though. Unsurprisingly, the reaction of distributions was a mixed bag. Below is a summary of information about the availability of KDE 4.0.0 in various distributions."
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Comment by Oliver
by Oliver on Thu 17th Jan 2008 13:23 UTC
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According to the devs, it's a technology preview for early adopters. The *real* release will be released with the advent of KDE 4.1. So in the end it's massive hype and some distros (usus with Linux) which sell the hype to their greedy users. At the moment I see open source on the path of closed-source software: low quality, massive hype, fault tolerance, false promises.

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