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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Glyphobet writes "I've largely stopped reporting bugs to Ubuntu because of the condescending and dismissive attitude from their developers. Until Ubuntu's bug management culture starts to change, people like me, who can actually help make Ubuntu better, will be less and less likely to contribute."
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Risks of edgy distributions
by SamAskani on Fri 18th Jan 2008 13:52 UTC
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It seems to me that Ubuntu devs are more interested in providing the latest version of everything in sacrifice of a proper QA or bug tracking. The existence of the back-ported repositories confirms this trend of the Ubuntu orientation.

Here is a severe bug reported since end of Nov 07

At end, this bug was also related to the fact that nfsv4 + kerberos is broken in the current kernel version and yet no official patch has been provided. This bug is presented in the two kernel versions that have appeared in Gutsy, so using a back version of the kernel did not work.

Broking nfsv4 + kerberos = unable to deploy Ubuntu in our secure network = IT guys not supporting Ubuntu 7.10 = Ubuntu 7.10 banned from list of recommended distributions.

I have an Gutsy 7.10 box that has to access the network servers via Samba shares (instead of nfsv4 mount points), you can laugh about the irony.

Open Suse 10.2, Fedora 8 and previous versions of Ubuntu do not have this problem.

I agree with previous comments of people saying that in general the Ubuntu devs are mostly polite. It just seems that they're overwhelmed by the amount of work and it translates in a very slow response.

Either Ubuntu starts telling the people the risks of using their distribution ("you never know what is going to be broken next time you do a [sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade] "), either they start to put an extra effort in bug tracking.

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