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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Glyphobet writes "I've largely stopped reporting bugs to Ubuntu because of the condescending and dismissive attitude from their developers. Until Ubuntu's bug management culture starts to change, people like me, who can actually help make Ubuntu better, will be less and less likely to contribute."
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reality check
by Yamin on Fri 18th Jan 2008 17:52 UTC
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Isn't this reality?
Ubuntu is an open source free application.
People aren't being paid to fix bugs. People join out of interest.

I'm a software engineer, and yeah there's a huge gap between things I work on. Somethings my mind is absolutely intrigued by and I'll work on it with passion.
Others, well...I do them because it's my job and the product manager tells me its important.
So I can imagine a developer getting all these bug requests, and not being interested in fixing them...after all its volunteering and the product is normally 'good enough'

I recently moved completely to ubuntu from Windows after my laptop decided NTDLL is corrupt and I couldn't find my HP windows CD. I came into knowing reality.

I know it's going to be unpolished.
I know I'm going to have to tweak and what not to get it working.
I know there are going to be loads of products with many bugs (and there have been)

Overall, I'm more than happy with it. The forums have been helpful and rarely has my question gone answered.

Maybe I am a realist so my expectations are lower. But if I want a polished product...I'm pretty sure I'll have to pay for it. Most of what they develop is 'good' enough.

That said, one the examples in the blog disturbs me...when his friend actually went out and fixed the bug with a patch and then ran into trouble submitting it. Now that is something that disturbs me. I don't have the details on what bug it was, on which project it was, or what the risk level was for the fix...

Allowing people to effectively volunteer is something you have to have in your organization. If that is what is broken...fix it.

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