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Apple AnandTech dove into the mystery behind the small processor in the MacBook Air. "Earlier this week Apple announced its MacBook Air, and within hours we had the mystery of its '60% smaller' CPU uncovered. Or at least we thought. It turns out there's even more depth to the CPU in the MacBook Air, it's even less conventional than we originally thought. Here's what happened over the past couple of days."
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Computer comedy...Yeah
by esldude on Sat 19th Jan 2008 09:06 UTC
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You trust Apple engineering to make sure about the thermal envelope. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! EXCUSE ME!
I must have a big laugh on this one. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

These are the same bozos that sold those thousands of MacBooks a couple years ago, that within about 3 months would just reboot or shut off due to a thermal problem. First they ignored it saying it wasn't a problem. As more and more fell ill, they admitted it might be a problem, and then finally belatedly had a fix for it when you sent it back.

These guys, these are the guys you implicitly trust because they are at Apple.

Admittedly a small sample, but of the 3 MacBooks I know of, all three right on schedule developed the problem. All three eventually became all, but unusable until sent back to Apple for a month or so wait for the return.

These guys, same guys right?

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