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FreeBSD You guessed it from the headline (bravo!): FreeBSD 6.3 has been released to the public (that's us). From the release notes: "Typical release note items document recent security advisories issued after 6.2-RELEASE, new drivers or hardware support, new commands or options, major bug fixes, or contributed software upgrades. They may also list changes to major ports/packages or release engineering practices. Clearly the release notes cannot list every single change made to FreeBSD between releases; this document focuses primarily on security advisories, user-visible changes, and major architectural improvements."
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Production or legacy
by kill on Mon 21st Jan 2008 02:54 UTC
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I'm still wondering when 7.0 comes out, will 7.0 become Production and 6.3 Legacy? I think I'll wait for 7.1, at least, for my production servers.

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