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Hardware, Embedded Systems Researchers at Imperial College London claim to have developed technology that would enable the creation of three-dimensional microchips, which will dramatically increase their memory capacity. According to their press release: "by using nanotechnology it is possible to reproduce the key functions of semiconductor electronics in microchips using only the 'spin' of electrons, which is responsible for magnetism, rather than the more conventional 'charge' that traditional microchips use."
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RE[3]: To store video?
by rain on Sun 11th Sep 2005 22:18 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: To store video?"
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Actually, it can take a cue from the call centers -- include a "standby" mode so you can leave the phone if you don't want to talk. A more serious issue is what would happen if you're out of range?

Where I live it's just as expensive to call voice mail as it is to call the person (which you would have to do to leave the message on the phone).
I think putting voicemail inside the phone would make as much sense as letting everyone run their own e-mailserver. It's just unreliable.
The voice mail is there to take your calls if the phone is off (intentionally or out of battery), if you are out of range etc.
The service should be free though, at least for the one who's calling. (like it is in some countries)

One thing that I think would be great though is if every single message was sent in an MMS to my phone with a text telling me from which number it is, how long it is and perhaps even the amount of speech in the message. That way I wouldn't have to spend a lot of time listening to a lot of ""-messages. Also I could save important messages in my phone for later.

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