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Hardware, Embedded Systems Researchers at Imperial College London claim to have developed technology that would enable the creation of three-dimensional microchips, which will dramatically increase their memory capacity. According to their press release: "by using nanotechnology it is possible to reproduce the key functions of semiconductor electronics in microchips using only the 'spin' of electrons, which is responsible for magnetism, rather than the more conventional 'charge' that traditional microchips use."
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RE[2]: gaming revolution
by Adurbe on Sun 11th Sep 2005 22:51 UTC in reply to "gaming revolution"
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We will never reach the stage where everything is happily loaded into ram. Sadly the more power our computers gain the more we waste it..

10 years ago had someone told you 1GB memory would be standard you would have laughed at them "you'll never NEED that much memory" yet despite the fact that you could load an entire OS and office suite into memory other 'features' stop this from being a reality

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