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Windows More from Paul Thurrot today, as he reviews the N editions of Windows: "If you're wondering what the XP N Editions are like, wonder no more. I got my hands on both XP Home N and XP Pro N this week and gave them both a spin. The results were pretty uneventful. I can't recommend the XP N Editions per se, but I can report that you shouldn't be afraid of using these products at all. They're not crippled or broken in any way I can see."
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Just let MS go
by rain on Sun 11th Sep 2005 23:04 UTC
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I never understood why they should force MS not to include certain applications in their product. I mean it's their product they should be able to do whatever they want with it. MS is not an economy in itself, it is not a complete market. There are alternatives you know.
If MS wants to keep scaring away developers by competing with them that's fine, perhaps finally they will start looking at the alternatives. Perhaps they will even team up with other developers and make a linux distro together or something. Even 10% of the windows developers is a huge resource. To get that kind of commercial backup behind one of the alternative OSs would make a big impact I think.

I really have nothing against bundeling applications with an OS. It creates a good starting point for the user and it does give you more value for the money.
I thought that was one of the main problems with Be Inc for example. They had a great OS, but they should have developed some media creation applications to go with it, just some basic ones would be enough. It would have made BeOS a much stronger product. Something people actually could use, not something people would sit around for years thinking "this is a really cool OS, I hope some third party developer will come along and create a cool app for it so I can start using it."

Talking about freedom of choice. As much as I like Ubuntu it is disturbingly hard to install applications that aren't included in the repository(as with any linux distro). I know that there are systems that will make this easier but I wonder how long it will take before developers actually start producing such packages.
Until then, I actually have more freedom of choice easily available on Windows than on Linux.

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