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KDE Ars reviews KDE 4.0.0: "KDE 4.0 was officially released last week after extensive development. The long-awaited 4.0 release ushers in a new era for the popular open-source desktop environment and adds many intriguing new features and technologies. Unfortunately, the release comes with almost as many new bugs as it does features, and there is much work to be done before it sparkles like the 3.5.x series." They were also at the KDE 4.0 release event.
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What I saw was an impressively well-designed framework. I think they are showing us the start of something big. But, this takes a lot of work; they already have thousands of volunteer programmers working and they'll get there.

Design is important. You don't tack on integration between applications later and get good results, you design it in from the start. You don't tack on support for hot swapping peripherals and sound and networking for a whole environment. If you want to share the libraries between all these applications and not have redundancy, it's best they be well-designed from the beginning, and that's what the KDE folks are doing.

Don't just throw down the gauntlet to a lot of very hard-working people in the middle of a huge project. Pick up your C++ compiler and get cracking on the code.

Do it. Now.

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