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OS/2 and eComStation IBM pretty much slammed the solid oak door on open sourcing os/2. "As stated in our response to your September 2005 letter we have considered the positioning of os/2 and open source several times in the past, and for a variety of business, technical, and legal reasons we have decided to not pursue any os/2 open source projects."
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(sarcasm-> tell that to AIX/Cobol) ;)

I don't know where you get the idea from that AIX is some kind of legacy platform but for your information, it's nothing of the sort. There is not a single large banking facility here in Luxembourg that does not run AIX for at least it's DB infrastructure. Couple that with the fact that there is not a single large financial institute on this planet that does not have a branch in Luxembourg and you have got to be joking when your saying that AIX is legacy.

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