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Windows Rumour has it that Microsoft is pushing forward Windows 7 for a 2009 release. The first milestone build has supposedly already been shipped to select partners, according to APCMag. They claim to have access to a roadmap for Windows 7, but whether that claim holds any water remains to be seen. The Inq seems to believe APCMag, but that means about as much as a politician's word, so whether this is anything more than a rumour is difficult to say. CNet has more.
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RE: Get rid of the Registry
by patrick_ on Wed 23rd Jan 2008 02:44 UTC in reply to "Get rid of the Registry"
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You can't really get _rid_ of the registry; it's been around forever, and you could easily say that 99% of Windows applications rely heavily on it.

I agree with the first comment; if Win7 is to come out so soon, then Vista will be much like ME in that it was succeeded in a rather short amount of time.

Was this planned all along? Who knows. It's just surprising, though, because we all heard _so_ much hullabaloo about Vista and how it would be the biggest change since 3.x -> 95, and now MS, *apparently*, is just going to come out with another release before Vista has really made any real progress.

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