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BeOS & Derivatives Yesterday we reported on GoBE Productive Software (I knew that) returning to the market with a new version, backed by an Indian firm. In addition, the source article claimed GoBE Software was closing a deal on buying the BeOS operating system from what can only be Access. During the night (as in, CET) Bruce Hammond, CEO of GoBE Software, sent me an email with a few clarifications, and I have the permission to reprint that email below. Read more for the email.
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RE[3]: Personally
by KLU9 on Wed 23rd Jan 2008 23:56 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Personally"
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why can't that be a serious comment?

BeOS was created as a totally new operating system in the 1990s; Linux is a remake of UNIX, created at the end of the 1960s. Why else did you think you have to trick Linux into thinking you're poking away on a teletype terminal to get anything done in it?

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