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Linux With Linux on the desktop going from a slow crawl to verging on an explosion, many have toiled with the question: How do we make this happen faster? A well-known Austin-based Linux Advocate thinks he has the answer.
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"Explosion" ? Don't be ridiculus!
by autumnlover on Thu 24th Jan 2008 12:31 UTC
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Few days ago I watched the documentary "Revolution OS" and when I listened to all those enthusiastic people, at first I had impression that it was filmed quite recently, not in 2000 or 2001.

Claim that most of the people suddenly switch their desktop computers to Linux and that day is "at hand" is very similar to religious believes about "end of the world" and "Armageddon" - it simply will never materialise.

People still buy Macs and Vista. Vista is ugly, unfriendly and restrict people like any previous version of Windows. And if Vista did not manage to get masses to the Linux - nothing will get them there. Accept it. People prefer to buy Windows, than to get Linux for free and loose their hair trying using it.

And do not tell me about that grannies of yours, who "cannot see the difference at all".

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